Call for safety measures after wall crash

CRASH SITE Dorothy Maguire with the remains of her wall. (d303a345)
CRASH SITE Dorothy Maguire with the remains of her wall. (d303a345)
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A Heckmondwike woman has called for road safety measures to be installed after a car ran into her garden wall.

Dorothy Maguire, who lives in Shelley Avenue off Walkley Lane, said the collision shook her house, demolished her garden wall and knocked over a street lamp – and it was not the first time it had happened.

Mrs Maguire, whose house is on the bend at the border of Heckmondwike and Dewsbury, said: “It was 5am. I heard a bang and it made the house shake. I looked out of the window and a car had come through the wall and brought a street lamp down.

“I saw a man get out of the car and scarper off. I informed the police straightaway. He ran off – and that means I’m left with the bill.” Mrs Maguire said the last time it happened, the car ended up in her garden

She said: “A few years ago Kirklees put chevrons and signs up, but it’s still happening. It’s quite frightening.”
She said Kirklees Council repaired a hole the streetlamp had left, and left some safety cones in front of her wall.

She said: “The road has a bad camber and drivers just lose it. We need a safety barrier.”

A council spokeswoman said more information was needed from police before decisions over remedial action could be taken.