Fun chair leaves the rest standing

David Gawthorpe with his Mini entertainment chair.
David Gawthorpe with his Mini entertainment chair.

WHEN it comes to home entertainment, David Gawthorpe could soon have you sitting pretty.

From the comfort of an armchair, you could enjoy games, music – even chilled beer without moving barely a muscle.

David Gawthorpe with his Mini entertainment chair.

David Gawthorpe with his Mini entertainment chair.

And all in the guise of a classic Mini motorcar.

For David has just sold his invention of a multi-purpose entertainment chair through taking part in a TV reality programme.

And his concept is all set to go on sale at the Pimlico shop of a London entrepreneur. The price tag will be around a cool £8,000.

“It’s got the lot,” said David, 37, “and it represents two years of work.”

The story started when he made a body kit for a Mini. “It was a bit over-the-top for owners of the car,” said David. “I had changed the concept too much.”

The embryo was mothballed and David went on to concentrate on his car body repair work in Cleckheaton. But he later fished it out and decided to make it into a piece of furniture.

The chair represents the form of a classic Mini. But when you lift the bonnet it becomes a luxurious entertainment chair with strobe and laser lights, stereo sound, games console, smoke machine, rocky road simulator and a fridge dispensing chilled beer. Alloy wheels become two extra seats as well as sound amplifiers and it sports a high gloss black finish and polished chrome parts.

The invention clicked when David, of Lower Hopton, took part in Four Doors, a new programme in which buyers make bids for products. Each person can go through four doors to hear the bids. David took an offer after just two rooms from a businessman who sells unusual furniture and other items.

“So I’ll be hanging up my spray gun to do the chair on a commercial basis,” said David, who grew up in Roberttown.

The chair has been put together from various products and an amplifier manufacturer has made a bespoke sound system for it.

At the moment, there is only the prototype chair. But David plans to get another one together quite soon.