Heckmondwike Grammar A Levels

A Level results day
A Level results day
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Students from Heckmondwike Grammar School have collected their A Level results. Subject passes are listed below, with ** denoting an A* grade and * an A grade.

Aaminah Ahmed eng lang, psychol*; Assad Ahmed chem**, maths**, phys*; M Ahmed busi studs, maths, phys; A Akbar eng lit, hist, psychol; S Akram eng lang, psychol*, sociol**; A Akudi eng lit, rel studs, sociol**; M Akudi eng lang, psychol, sociol; A Ali busi studs, psychol*, rel studs; M Ali biol, chem, maths; W Amjad chem*, germ, maths**; T Ansari biol, chem, psychol; J Anthoney econ, maths*, FAmaths; L Archer econ**, hist*, gov and polits*; J Arif biol*, busi studs**, chem*, urdu*; S Armitage des tech, mus, mus tech; H Armitstead-Binns busi studs, eng lang, sociol; H Asad biol, chem, maths; L Ashen chem, geog**, maths**, FAmaths; A Aslam busi studs, hist, law; Z Aspinall eng lang, hist, sociol; S Bailey biol, gen studs, geog, geol; Z Bala biol, gen studs, maths, psychol; J Barker eng lang, hist, rel studs; J Beaumont biol, gen studs, ict*, maths; M Berry busi studs, econ, maths; E Black biol, gen studs, psychol, sociol; L Brooke gen studs, hist, psychol, sociol; T Brooke-Mawson chem*, maths**, FAmaths**, phys*; C Broome econ**, geog**, maths; E Brown geog, hist, maths; S Butt biol*, chem*, maths; G Carr gen studs, hist, ict; R Cass gen studs, hist, maths, phys; J Casserley comp, gen studs, maths, phys; L Chambers gen studs, psychol, sociol; J Chan biol, chem, maths*, phys; J Chaplin busi studs**, econ, hist; A Cheema busi studs, gen studs; M Cheema rel studs, sociol; A Clark eng lang, geog, psychol; A Clayton biol, chem, gen studs, maths; D Collins gen studs, geog, psychol; J Connolly econ, eng lang, gen studs, psychol; H Crabtree gen studs, psychol, sociol; O Craven chem, maths*, psychol; J Cunniffe des tech*, gen studs, maths, phys; J D’Abundo busi studs, econ, gen studs, maths; A Daji biol, chem, maths; E Daji biol*, chem**, maths*; H Dalal chem, des tech, maths; J Darby busi studs*, des tech*, maths; E Davison art and des*, comp, des tech**; N Davison biol, psychol, sociol; E Dawson des tech, econ, mus tech; M Delar comp, hist, ict; A Dezelak biol*, chem, psychol**; P Dhangar biol*, chem, econ; K Dharni biol, chem, maths*; R Dockrat hist, psychol, rel studs; S Dover biol*, geog**, hist*; F Essabhai biol, chem, psychol*; R Fajandar busi studs, ict, maths; N Fatima biol, chem, sociol; C Feather maths*, FAmaths*, phys; I Fiaz biol, chem, gen studs, maths; G Flesher hist**, law*, maths, gov and polits*; T Frampton-Clarke fren, mus, span; W Froggatt eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits, psychol; C Galloway hist, maths*, FAmaths; J Gape chem*, maths*, FAmaths, phys*; H Ghati biol, chem, psychol; B Gibson gov and polits, psychol, sociol, ; E Glover art and des, eng lit, geog, ; A Gokalia busi studs, eng lang, law, ; K Goodman eng lang, eng lit, hist, ; H Gora biol, chem, maths, ; M Gora eng lang, psychol, sociol; A Gordon biol, chem, maths*; S Gorman des tech, gen studs; G Goury fren, gen studs*, gov and polits, sociol**; C Green gen studs, maths*, FAmaths, phys; K Green biol*, chem, fren; M Green busi studs, eng lang, ict; C Greenhough perf arts*, psychol, sport and pe; S Gulamhussein econ, geog*, maths; H Hafiji biol, chem, rel studs; R Halford econ*, maths*, FAmaths; C Halstead eng lit**, geog**, hist**, gov and polits**; J Harris biol**, chem*, mus*; L Haworth chem, comp, gen studs*, maths, phys; A Helliwell biol*, chem, maths; T Hemingway busi studs, des tech, psychol; L Heseltine biol, chem, maths**, FAmaths; C Ho biol**, chem**, chin, gen studs, maths**, FAmaths**; T Hodges biol, chem*, gen studs, maths; S Hodzic chem, ict, maths; A Holt foodtech*, eng lit, gen studs, psychol; L Holyoake biol, maths, psychol*; A Housecroft biol, geog**, hist; C Hoyle des tech*, hist, sociol*; F Hughes maths**, FAmaths**, phys*; E Huison fren*, gen studs**, hist, gov and polits*; J Hurst art and des*, eng lit*, gen studs*, geog**; F Hussain eng lang, eng lit, psychol*; F Hussain biol*, chem*, foodtech**, maths*; K Hussain biol, chem, psychol*; M Hussain gen studs, maths, psychol; A Hynd biol, econ, gen studs, hist*; A Iqbal comp, gen studs, hist, maths; H Iqbal chem, econ*, eng lang, gen studs; K Iqbal biol*, chem*, maths*; J Jackson gen studs, hist, ict, psychol; L Johnson econ*, geog**, maths; A Jones eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; J Jones biol*, eng lang, psychol*; N Jones gen studs, hist, gov and polits; P Joshi textiles, busi studs, eng lang; L Kara-Zaitri eng lang, gen studs**, hist, rel studs; N Kazzan biol, chem, eng lang, gen studs; D Kent busi studs, gen studs, ict; L Khaira biol, chem, maths; S Khalid biol, chem, germ; A Khan biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; Hadiyah Khan biol, chem, maths; Humairaa Khan chem, hist; S Khan gen studs, hist, psychol; Z Khan biol, chem, maths;Y Khanagha biol, chem, maths*; R Kimachia chem**, maths**, FAmaths**, phys**; M Kinnon eng lit, gen studs, geog*, hist*; I Kyle chem**, geog*, maths**, FAmaths**; F Lees biol, mus, psychol*; E Lindley psychol, sport and pe; C Lister eng lit, gen studs, maths, perf arts; A Llewellyn eng lang*, gen studs, hist, psychol*; H Longbottom busi studs**, gen studs, psychol, sport and pe; B Loveday gen studs, geog, psychol, sociol*; A Lunat chem, maths, psychol; Sakir Mahmood biol**, chem*, gen studs, maths*; Subhaan Mahmood maths, phys; O Makda eng lang, hist*, rel studs; U Makda chem, gen studs, psychol, sociol; L Malek maths*, phys, psychol*; S Malik biol, chem, psychol; A Maney biol, gen studs, ict*, psychol; C Maney biol**, chem**, comp, phys*; B Marshall econ, geog, gov and polits; A Mason biol*, geog*, psychol*; S Matwadia chem, hist, maths; E Maw chem, comp, gen studs; N Mayat biol*, chem*, gen studs, maths*, FAmaths; L McCarron eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; E McKenzie eng lit, hist, maths; B McKeown fren, hist, psychol*; R McKie biol*, chem, maths*; M McMahon eng lang, gen studs, gov and polits, psychol; A Megahy chem**, gen studs, maths*, phys; A Melton biol, hist, psychol; J Milomo biol, eng lang, sport and pe*; K Mistry biol, chem, geog**; A Mohayuddin chem, maths, psychol, urdu*; M Mohayuddin biol, chem, psychol, urdu*; F Momoniat biol, chem, maths; Z Moore busi studs, des tech, ict; T Mortimer busi studs, sociol; J Mughal biol, chem*, maths; M Mulla biol, chem, maths; Y Mulla des tech, maths; A Musa biol, busi studs, chem; W Musharaf biol, comp, gen studs; K Mushtaq biol, chem, maths; N Nabi biol, law, psychol; S Naeem biol, chem, psychol*; O Nagy art and des, maths**, phys; A Nalban foodtech, span; T Naveed biol, chem*, maths; A Navsarka biol, psychol, sociol; S Naylor biol*, chem, maths; A Nayyar biol*, chem*, perf arts*; H Nazam biol, geog, rel studs; A Nicholas chem*, maths**, FAmaths*, phys*; F Noor eng lang, psychol, sociol; L Norat biol, chem, psychol**; J North biol*, eng lit, hist; A Nurgat econ, maths, rel studs; L O’Connell chem, maths, phys; N Oldroyd biol, gen studs, geog, geol*; N Omosigho biol, chem, fren, psychol*; D Opare-Amo gen studs, germ*, gov and polits, sociol*; N Oragwu biol, eng lang, gen studs, psychol*; A Pandor biol, chem, eng lang, gen studs; Faatimah Patel chem, hist, maths; Faizaan Patel chem, maths, phys; Fatimah Patel fren, gen studs;Fauziah Patel biol, chem, psychol*; Maariya Patel chem, maths, psychol*; Maariyah Patel eng lang, hist, psychol; R Patel biol**, chem**, maths**; S Patel biol, busi studs, chem; Uzair Patel biol, chem, maths; UzairE Patel eng lit*, ict*, psychol*; Zaheer Patel chem, maths, phys; Zainab Patel biol, chem*, psychol*; D Pearce fren, maths*, FAmaths; A Pearson busi studs*, econ, gen studs, geog; S Peckett biol, gen studs, psychol; S Peters chem, gen studs, maths**, phys; K Porter eng lit, gen studs, psychol, sociol; D Potts busi studs**, gen studs, ict; M Pyle gen studs, hist*, maths**, FAmaths*; A Qazi biol, chem, psychol; D Rauf biol, chem, psychol*; S Rauf biol, chem*, psychol*; F Ravat chem, maths, rel studs; P Ravi biol, chem, maths; A Rawat biol, chem, maths; M Rayaz gen studs, psychol, sport and pe; Z Riaz biol, chem*, hist*; A Roberts biol*, chem*, gen studs, phys*; G Roberts-Smith eng lang, hist, psychol; I Robinson biol, eng lang, psychol; C Rouse maths*, phys, sport and pe*; B Rowan biol, gen studs, hist, psychol; R Rubaie econ*, maths**, FAmaths*, phys*, gov and polits*; A Russell biol*, chem*, gen studs, maths*; R Saddiq chem, gen studs, geog, maths; A Salih biol, gen studs*, psychol*, sociol; J Seddon econ**, hist**, maths**; S Shabir biol, chem, geog; M Shaikh biol*, chem*, maths*; N Shaw art and des, textiles, film; J Sheikh biol*, chem*, sport and pe*; G Shorten eng lang, gen studs, perf arts, psychol; A Sidat biol, chem*, maths; F Sidat biol*, chem*, foodtech*; I Smith geog**, hist**, maths**; S Smith art and des*, des tech**, gen studs, hist; V Sowden hist, psychol*, sociol*; E Spain eng lit*, gen studs, hist*, maths**; S Stephenson biol*, chem, gen studs, hist*; R Sultan biol, chem, ict*; E Sumner biol, chem, gen studs, geog; B Sykes psychol, rel studs, sociol; P Sykes busi studs, gen studs, geog, hist; T Tai law, rel studs, sociol*; H Tariq busi studs*, gen studs, ict, psychol; M Tariq psychol, sociol, urdu; R Tarrant eng lit*, fren*, gen studs, sociol*; E Tench busi studs**, perf arts*, sociol; F Terry biol, eng lit, psychol*; X Terry geog, maths, phys; J Thompson comp, gen studs, maths, phys; E Toulson geog*, gov and polits, psychol; A Turner eng lit*, gen studs, germ, hist**, maths**; L Tyrrell biol, gen studs, maths, psychol; A Umerji biol, chem, maths; A Valli biol, chem, psychol*; H Valli chem, econ, maths*; A Wadee biol, chem, gen studs, psychol*; E Wadsworth eng lang, psychol**, rel studs; E Wainwright fren*, maths*, perf arts, span*; E Walker biol, eng lit, gen studs, hist*; G Walker chem, hist, ict; J Walker biol, gen studs, geog*, geol; M Walker biol, chem, phys; L Walton textiles, geog, maths*; E Waters biol, chem, gen studs, geog; G White maths, phys; E Whitehead gen studs**, geog**, hist**, gov and polits**; J Whitlam biol, gen studs, psychol, sport and pe; C Whittington maths**, FAmaths**, phys*; E Wilcock eng lit, gen studs, geog, hist; E Wilson eng lit*, hist*, maths**; O Wilson geog*, mus tech, psychol*; O Woolhouse art and des, eng lit, film; M Woollin maths, phys; H Yakub chem, econ, maths; A Yasin hist, gov and polits*, sociol*; D Yates comp, maths, phys; M Younis foodtech, psychol, sociol; M Younus biol**, chem*, psychol**; H Zafar biol, chem, maths; S Zantiba chem*, maths*, FAmaths*, phys;