Double milestone for couples

David and Anne Bentley (right) and Brian and Diane.

David and Anne Bentley (right) and Brian and Diane.

Two couples who are closer than most will celebrate a century of marriage between them in the next few weeks.

Ann and David Bentley, from Liversedge, celebrate their golden wedding this week, just weeks before David’s brother, Brian, celebrates 50 years of matrimony with Ann’s best friend, Diane.

Ann said: “David and I first met at a dance, and before long we found out that Diane was dating his brother!”

Diane added: “It was quite a surprise when we found out we were both dating two brothers.

But we have been really happy since and we all remain very close.

Both couples were married within a month of each other, with the weddings taking place at St John’s Church, Dewsbury, in 1964.

Diane and Brian have two children, Janet, 49, and Judith, 46, while Ann and David have three boys, David, 49, Graham, 47 and Chris, 40.

Of their 50 years of marriage Ann said: “Everybody has their ups and downs, but you have to put up and be patient with one another. Don’t go to bed on an argument and you’ll be fine.”

Diane, who lives in Hightown with Brian, said she and Ann were as close now as when they were children – and also had some sage marital advice to offer couples.

“Ann is more than a sister-in law,” she said. “We have been best friends since we were six years old. I think the secret to a good marriage is a bit of give and take.

“You should always talk to each other and sort out problems – I am lucky because Brian is very funny!”

Both couples will go on a cruise around the Canary Islands next month to celebrate their special anniversaries.




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