Injured staff and pupils paid £400K

Thousands of pounds have been paid out to staff and pupils in Kirklees.

Thousands of pounds have been paid out to staff and pupils in Kirklees.

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Injuries caused by a falling whiteboard and using a vaulting horse were among the compensation claims paid to school staff and pupils in Kirklees.

Almost £400,000 in compensation was paid out to injured and stressed staff and children by Kirklees Council between 2010 and 2013.

Teachers got the lion’s share – around £260,000 – with more than £230,000 of that paid out for injuries suffered in the workplace.

Staff falling on slippery surfaces, pupils running into teachers and a white board falling off a wall onto a teacher were among the 32 injury claims made by school staff. Around £28,000 was paid out to staff thought to be suffering from stress.

The figures were revealed by the council after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Around £127,000 was paid out to pupils, with the biggest category being injuries blamed on play equipment.

Claims included injuries caused by using a vaulting horse and getting out of a swimming pool.

A spokesman for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said: “Potential hazards need to be identified and managed through risk assessment rather than being overly risk averse so that a worthwhile and educational activity does not take place.

“Schools have a duty of care as employers. We have had members suffer serious injuries and they are entitled to compensation.”

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