Mother’s anguish as trial ends

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THE mother of a Liversedge man who was left brain damaged in an attack has been left distraught after the trial of two men accused of attempted murder collapsed.

Janine Rouse is demanding answers from the Crown Prosecution Service after the trial at Leeds Crown Court fell through.

Byron Schofield, formerly of Upper Barker Street, was assaulted in Leeds Road in August 2010 as he walked down a ginnel leading to Firthcliffe Estate.

He was left with serious head injuries including a fractured skull, which led to a bone fragment being lodged in his brain. He was treated at Leeds General Infirmary where he was put in an induced coma for two days.

Mohammed Azad, 49, and Azar Azad, 19, were charged with attempted murder by police. Both men denied the charge and the trial started last Monday.

However, on the third day of the proceedings prosecution witnesses changed their statements.

Ms Rouse said: “I cannot believe it. For two days, the court heard evidence and then on the Wednesday the prosecutor said he had to discharge the jury.

“My son’s life will never be the same again and he has the mind of a 10-year-old now.

“Compared to how he was before the attack, his life has been totally destroyed.”

The CPS said stopping the trial was the ‘only option’.

Helen Sanderson, District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside, said: “At trial it became apparent that when these witnesses gave evidence in court their accounts of the incident differed significantly from their initial statements. This significantly weakened the case against the two defendants meaning that we could no longer prove our case.”

Byron, who is now 20, is totally reliant on the care of his mother Janine Rouse, who lives in Lupset, Wakefield. He has lost feeling in his whole left side and relies on an electronic device to help him move his left foot, to walk short distances.