Night-time diggers hit the bottle in Spen

One of the 'trenches' left by bottle diggers in Liversedge.
One of the 'trenches' left by bottle diggers in Liversedge.
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Things have been going ‘clink’ in the night in a field in Liversedge, as a number of amateur archaeologists have been busy with their shovels.

A field at the end of Quaker Lane near to the ground of Liversedge FC has been suffering from night-time invasions of people digging for antique bottles.

Although the field where the diggers are working is owned by the council, the football club believes the bottle diggers have created a network of tunnels which have undermined fencing on the football club’s land.

President of Liversedge FC Bob Gawthorpe, pictured, said: “The field looks like World War I, there’s that many trenches.

“We have had to refill some of the tunnelling under our land at quite a cost to the club.

“If things go on as they are, we are going to have to hire a digger to shove the land back – and the going rate for them is £200 a day.”

Dog-walkers have also complained that bottle diggers have been making the area unsafe.

Joan Forster, who walks her dogs on the land, said: “People are turning up at in the early hours and digging for bottles on the land close to the football ground.

“In some areas they have dug down to about four foot, exposing tree roots and leaving glass and rubbish scattered all over.

“The area is being totally ruined.”

The ground was built on an old landfill site, which is believed to contain bottles from the 1920s.

Soda bottles from this period fetch between £3-£5 on eBay.

A council spokeswoman said: “The council first became aware of the issue in April.

“The ranger team and the Neighbourhood Management Group have been monitoring the situation. Bottle digging is illegal and is not permitted by the council on any of its sites.”