No more traveller camps in Spen?

Rubbish left by travellers in playing fields off Vernon Road, Liversedge.
Rubbish left by travellers in playing fields off Vernon Road, Liversedge.
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THE barricades could soon be going up to keep travellers out of Spen.

Spen Valley Area Committee could opt to invest £15,000 on bollards, posts and boulders to stop travellers parking on council-owned land.

If given the go-ahead 30 boulders or galvanised metal posts would be placed along Dale Lane in Heckmondwike which is open to the road.

At Millbridge Park in Liversedge, 96 galvanised metal posts could be put up along Wharton Street and Huddersfield Road.

At Moorend rec in Exchange Street, Cleckheaton, 50 stone boulders would block the exposed edges of the site in between trees.

The boulders cost £70 each and galvanised metal posts cost £45 each.

Groups of travellers have been moving around the sites for months.

There have been two illegal camps in Liversedge this month – on the playing fields off Vernon Road and also at Millbridge park. Both have now left, but a group arrived at Miry Lane at the weekend and an eviction notice will be served on Monday.

David Moore, who lives near the Vernon Road playing fields, told the Guardian the travellers had left behind a trail of destruction.

He said: “They have left rubbish all over the field and have destroyed the main entrance gate which is now damaged beyond repair.

“I am very concerned that there is no gate to stop more travellers using our playing field.

“This field is now unfit for children to play or for local residents to walk their dogs or to go for a peaceful stroll.”

The Area Committee is expected to agree to install the security measures at its public meeting on Tuesday at 7pm, at Cleckheaton Town Hall.

In addition, £5,000 could be spent on making council owned sites secure from unauthorised vehicle access when needed.

In Primrose Lane, behind Spen Baths, a heavy duty barrier and posts have already been built and the lock has a cover.

Miry Lane in Hightown is to be secured by Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, and Kirklees’ Streetscene team is monitoring Hunsworth Rec off Green Lane.

And At White Lee playing fields in Heckmondwike, Kirklees Council is to install two replacement heavy duty access barriers.

A council report which will be discussed at Tuesday’s area committee meeting says: “These security measures will help to protect and enhance open space and leisure facilities for local residents.”

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