Warden paints the plop

Rob Winslade is waging war on dog poo on the Spen Valley Greenway. (D541C405)
Rob Winslade is waging war on dog poo on the Spen Valley Greenway. (D541C405)
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Irresponsible dog-owners beware – your mutt’s mess could soon (literally) be highlighted.

Warden Rob Winslade is so sick and tired of people leaving their pooch’s poos on the Spen Valley Greenway, he is prepared to spray-paint dog mess left by irresponsible owners.

“I have high hopes for this, and I only hope people take notice – when people see this it will hopefully make them think twice about not taking their dog poo away.”

Rob was featured in the Spenborough Guardian for his much-praised initiative in providing more bags and bins to help encourage owners to clean up after their pets. But Rob has been left frustrated as poo continues to pile up on the Greenway.

He said: “The bags have been well used, and a few more people are taking their dog mess away, but there is still too much on the greenway.”

“I am realistic, and know we can’t completely eradicate the problem, but anything we can do to reduce it will surely help.”

Rob highlighted areas near the entrances at Cornmill Lane, Liversedge and Westgate, Cleckheaton, as being especially bad.

The paint is biodegradable, and usually washed away within six weeks.

He added: “I think the reason people get so annoyed about dog mess is because the responsible dog-owners who clean up after their pet don’t see why other people can’t do the same as well.”

The Greenway will have some new colours this weekend, as spraying continues near the entrance near Westgate today.

“They are very bright colours,” said Rob. “They will almost be visible from space!”