Wheel deal for Allan

Pedal for pounds (Picture caption: (from left) Joyce Kidd, Allan Goff and Ann Goff) Allan, a cancer survivor is taking part in the 25-mile bike ride at Harewood House.
Pedal for pounds (Picture caption: (from left) Joyce Kidd, Allan Goff and Ann Goff) Allan, a cancer survivor is taking part in the 25-mile bike ride at Harewood House.

A BUS driver from Liversedge who survived cancer will take on a 25-mile bike ride next month to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Allan Goff, who will celebrate four years in remission in October, is preparing to take part in the charity’s Pedal for Pounds North event on September 4.

The 46-year-old discovered he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May 2006, just weeks after marrying his wife. Ann.

Allan, who works for Huddersfield Bus Company, said: “I’d just been upstairs to get changed for a late shift and when I came back down my wife said to me ‘Look at the state of those trousers on you’ – they were hanging off me.

“I’d noticed I’d been losing weight, but I never thought anything of it. I’d also been feeling really tired and I’d been having bad night sweats.

“When the doctor said he was 99 per cent sure I had lymphoma, I honestly thought my world had just blown to bits. I thought my life was up, but the doctor said it was far from it.”

Allan underwent a course of chemotherapy at Dewsbury Hospital with few side effects, and believed he was making progress, but was then told he would need a second course of treatment.

He was fitted with a Hickman line – an intravenous catheter for the administration of chemotherapy – and developed an infection

But in October 2007 he was given a stem cell transplant and in February 2008 he received the news that he was officially in remission.

Allan said: “When I was told I had cancer I decided there were two things I could do – I could either get on with it and deal with it, or I could lie down and roll over and think the end’s coming.

“I told my wife that I wouldn’t love her any less if she walked away. But she replied that we were going to fight and we were going to beat this together. She has absolutely been my rock and I can’t thank her enough. “Only now do I look back and realise how ill I actually was. Today I feel absolutely superb.”

The family was dealt a further blow when, just two months before Allan was told he was in remission, Ann’s 78-year-old mother Joyce Kidd was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Joyce underwent surgery and she has now fully recovered.

While Joyce survived, Allan’s father John sadly died aged 76 earlier this year after suffering from colon cancer.

Allan added: “My dog also had cancer and my mother-in-law lost her cat to cancer – to say we have been through the mill is an understatement.

“Taking part in the bike ride is my way of saying thank you very much for cancer research. I did lose my father, but I would not be here today and my mother-in-law would not be here without it.”

Pedal for Pounds North bike ride, which takes place at Harewood House, near Leeds, raises £30,000 for world-class research, treatment and diagnosis projects across the region every year.

To sponsor Allan visit www.justgiving.com/Allan-Goff