Anger over pool delays

FOLLOWING your article on Friday June 10, regarding the pool plans for the Richardson’s Arms in Oakenshaw, it sickens me to the core to hear about such plans being scuppered by egotistical politicians who are no longer in touch with their constituents

As a resident of Oakenshaw I am outraged at Kath Pinnock’s behaviour and her continued abstinence regarding this matter.

She has caused major delays after all the planning applications had been given the green light – ie, no objections made. This says to me that no-one in the village objected to this development going ahead and all the people I know of in the village welcomed the idea of a pool with open arms.

So why does she continue to be so disruptive? She does not live in the village and as far as I am aware she has asked no-one in the village what their opinion is.

Her main objection as far as I understand is the additional traffic on Bradford Road. Residents of Oakenshaw have indeed been complaining for many years regarding the huge volume of traffic running through the village, but they have fallen on deaf ears as Kirklees has done nothing about this problem. How could there possibly be more traffic than there is currently on Bradford Road – impossible!

She is correct with one comment though – the Richardson’s Arms is on a blind corner and due to the huge amount of juggernauts coming off the M62 and M606 onto Bradford Road, along with the ones in the opposite direction, coming down from Odsal Top and the surrounding industrial estates, most villagers feel that Kirklees are waiting for a fatality to occur before they do anything about it.

Perhaps if Kath Pinnock concentrated on supplying us with a crossing with traffic lights by this corner, to ensure everyone slowed down, rather than concentrating all her efforts on blocking what can only be described as a huge benefit to the local community, traffic would no longer be a problem.

If there were traffic lights, along with buses turning on that corner, it may persuade people to use a different route, not through our village, but at the very least they would have to slow down as there are no other means of traffic control along this stretch.

Instead of putting obstacles in the way of someone who is trying to provide the local area with the essential facility of a swimming pool, something that the local council should be doing, but is not, Kath Pinnock should be backing, supporting and doing everything within her power to help people like Kevin Firth.

Kevin is an upstanding member of the community, law abiding, tax paying, just wanting to make a living and also give the community a swimming pool.

Ten schools have already approached him asking when they can begin lessons there.

We are supposed to be encouraging the next generation into physical sports, not blocking it at every turn.

Swimming is not just a sport, it’s a lifesaver.

Or is the local area to be full of non-swimmers due to the council’s and Kath Pinnock’s shortsightedness?


Wyke Lane