Don’t blame the dogs

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In reply to the story about toughening up penalties for dogs (Spenborough Guardian, May 4). I agree but there is another side to the story.

It is always the dog that gets the blame – that’s wrong. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the person on the other end of that lead that’s the problem.

I have a rottweiler. I’m the boss, not the other way round. It’s these young lads that train these dogs to be vicious and it’s the dog that suffers by having a lethal injection.

Merlin, my rottweiler, was neutered as I thought if all that testosterone was going around his body I would not be able to control him.

There should be tougher laws for the owners of these vicious dogs. Why are they not muzzled in public? And owners of these vicious dogs should be made to get a licence for them. Why don’t they make these vicious dogs get castrated or speyed – this would stop the breeding of these dangerous dogs.


Smallwood Road