Good news for Dewsbury Hospital?

Stephen Eames’s statement that the hospital consultations were robust is true; the vast majority of those who attended were robust in their opposition to the changes.

The news that the high court has deemed the plan by Jeremy Hunt to downgrade A & E and maternity services at Lewisham as unlawful is great news.

The fact is that the health service is breaking the contract between the patient and the health service.

It is clearly stated in the NHS charter, that they are accountable to maintain and improve local accessible services. This, as in the case of the people of north Kirklees, they are failing to comply with the contract. This is probably one of the reasons the court found it unlawful.

If the joint Wakefield and Kirklees health and scrutiny committee do not refer this to Jeremy Hunt they will be failing the general public.

I am hopeful that this will start a chain of events leading to the same conclusions being reached for Dewsbury Hospital as at Lewisham.

The Clinical Commissioning Group was also present at the meetings and appeared to be singing from the same sheet as the board. When asked a question on transport for patients, it was answered with a rather dismissive statement that the wider community was expected to take over. This was rather confusing and not at all helpful.

I do hope that Mr Eames, settling into his now permanent high salaried role as chief executive, does not think it is all over.

There was a letter in last week’s Guardian saying how great their treatment was at Dewsbury, and they did not like people running the hospital down.

I also have had excellent treatment and like many others am very much in support of the hospital.

I do not like the way the management are treating their staff by cutting their pay etc. The only ones running the hospital down are the Mid Yorkshire trust.


Huddersfield Road