Is Kirklees a dinosaur?

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When Kirklees council was formed, civic pride disappeared to be replaced by public despair.

It was no longer local. People who had no knowledge or affinity with Spen were now making decisions that affected us.

There can be no better example than the Red House and Oakwell Hall scandal of today.

Decisions are made by people out in the wilds of Holmfirth etc who cannot possibly know what local priorities are.

Some years ago I was invited to a meeting at Cleckheaton town hall to meet Rob Vincent, the then chief executive of the council. He asked me my impression of the council.

I replied by saying that Kirklees was like a dinosaur which had great strength but was so big that when it turned round, it knocked everything flying with its tail.

“That’s a very good analogy,” he said, and told his secretary to write it down so he could use it himself.

And that’s the crux of the problem!

Ex Alderman H de Lacy Taylor, who was the first Mayor of Spenborough in 1955, doubted the viability of Kirklees. He said after Kirklees MC was formed: “Perhaps I shall not live to see it, but I would not be surprised, in the course of time, to see the area broken up again into smaller units”.

Now it’s not always that I agree with the words of Alan Carcas, but he is spot on with his letter of February 24.

This issue cuts through all political divides. Kirklees MC should split at the River Calder, but as Mr Carcas says – let the people decide


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