Permitting us to get rid of waste

Have I missed something regarding the recycling issues?

Why do all the councils think they should introduce a permit for their residents to use the waste tips?

It just doesn’t make any sense. Surely this does lead to fly tipping.

I live at the northern end of Kirklees and to get to a Kirklees waste tip I have to travel at least seven miles.

My nearest waste tip is in the Bradford area just two miles away and although I have a Bradford post code I can’t use this facility because they have introduced permits.

Kirklees have now stopped collecting bottles. Do they think that its residents will either travel to a bottle bank or a waste tip? I do, but some will just dump them in the black bins. Doesn’t this affect the recycling targets which Kirklees are trying to meet?

I would have thought that if Kirklees got rid of their permit department they could start collecting bottles again!

I return to my original question “Why introduce permits?” if you want people to recycle their rubbish open the waste tips to all, as they used to be.