Promises, promises – that’s what we need from Miliband

As I’m not a Daily Mail reader I can’t comment on the article it did about the father of Ed Miliband.

But I must thank the Mail for raising a subject that Ed feels so strongly about, it’s really got his back up.

Come on now Ed. While you’re in this mood, start to lead the Labour Party in the right direction.

Stop pussy-footing around. Stop apologising for being Labour. Stop talking about cutting costs. Stop following the Tory spending (or should that be ‘not spending’) policy.

Start being proud of socialist values. Start to commit money to preserve the NHS. Start to plan to build the houses we need.

Start to build new railways and reduce the number of HGVs on our roads. Start to repair our crumbling roads. Start to build new schools. Start training apprentices so we’ll have our own skilled workforce to do the job.

Don’t hang back from saying where the money will come from.

Promise to put the higher tax band up to whatever it needs to be. Promise to plug every loophole the high paid tax dodgers use. Promise the multi-national companies will [ay tax here on the vast profits they make here.

Promise to introduce policies that Labour Party supporters can get behind. Promise to be the voice of the trades union movement in parliament. Promise to be a man of the working class


New North Road