Protecting the unborn child

Abortion! Probably the most controversial and emotional of subjects to discuss .

We no longer execute murderers, we give them a life of luxury along with paedophiles and rapists.

Single cells, Sky tv, Playstations, free food and warmth, who could want for more?

At the same time as we are pampering this low life, society in general is quite happy to accept the fact that almost 200,000 abortions were carried out in 2009 — latest available figures — 200,000 innocent unborn babies killed with hardly a murmur of protest.

It would be a hard-hearted person who did not feel the utmost compassion for a mother facing the dilemma of choosing between giving birth to a mentally or physically handicapped child or having the pregnancy terminated. likewise a mother whose life could be in danger if the pregnancy was not cut short. Who could condemn her for choosing her own life? Whatever their decision, it should be accepted and respected.

Having said that, only about five per cent of abortions are undertaken for those reasons. Ninety five per cent of all abortions are carried out under the statutory ground of the risk of injury to the mental or physical health of the pregnant woman. More than one in every five pregnancies ends in abortion.

Can we really be expected to believe that all these women were in danger of mental or physical injury? Surely there can’t be over a 190,000 women a year in danger of mental or physical injury by being pregnant.

The statutory grounds for abortions must be made more stringent. The Catholic church is a leading light in the battle against abortion, along with the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC).

Unfortunately SPUC is perceived as just another pressure group of the Catholic church. The majority of SPUC members are thought to be Catholic. SPUC will have to attract more members from a wider spectrum if it is to get wider support.

Anti abortionists come in all shades shapes and sizes. I personally know people who are believers, non believers, church goers and people who wouldn’t set foot in a church, but they have one thing in common, they are all against abortion.


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