What Katy did next

I READ with interest the recent story in the Guardian of the little girl Katy Campbell, aged eight, regarding the state in which Heckmondwike has got into.

As her father states, the children are the future of the town.

I lived in Heckmondwike for over 60 years before moving down here to the Isle of Wight three years ago.

What was a lovely vibrant little town with a big heart is a place now of which I am ashamed when I visit friends and relatives up there.

Since Huddersfield took over, the town has gone downhill and I know that the three councillors are outvoted by Huddersfield for money for the good of the town, which is unfair.

I wish Katy all the luck with her campaign and I just hope that it gathers fruit as it needs someone to kickstart Heckmondwike back into prominence once again.

I support her all the way as the town is worth it.