‘Round my corner’ - Lumpy Boy - Mirfield

We have teamed up with the National Youth Film Festival Awards to showcase the best of teenage UK talent in a short-film contest.

Thursday, 19th September 2013, 12:27 pm
Round my corner - Lumpy Boy
Round my corner - Lumpy Boy

Film details and synopsis:

This video was made by pupils of Crossley Fields Primary School, Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

The day Lumpy Boy and Rabbit Face became superheroes.

Round my corner - Lumpy Boy

Lumpy Boy and Rabbit Face are the butt of every ones jokes, until an unexpected event elevates their status to superheroes as they seemingly save the school and reinstate normality.

The ‘Round My Corner’ competition focuses on family, friends and local neighbourhoods and can be filmed on anything from a professional video camera to a smartphone. It can be a beautifully edited masterpiece or a simply produced good story, the choice is yours.

You need to be aged 14-19 and produce a film no longer than three minutes in length based on what ‘Round My Corner’ means to you. But you only have until Friday, October 11.