Dog owners being warned of grass seed dangers

Border Collie Chomp and Edie, a two-year-old Cocker Spaniel were treated by vets.
Border Collie Chomp and Edie, a two-year-old Cocker Spaniel were treated by vets.

A Yorkshire vet is warning dog owners to be wary of the dangers lurking in fields and meadows from grass seeds.

Advice is being issued by Calder Vet after staff saw a rise in the number of cases coming to them where grass seeds had got trapped in dogs’ ears and embedded in their fur and skin.

One of the incidents involved four-year-old Border Collie Chompy. His owners took him to Calder as they believed there was something lodged in his ear.

He was sedated and a sizeable bit of grass was removed from his ear.

Another case involved Edie, a two-year-old Cocker Spaniel, after her owners noticed she was frequently shaking her head from side to side.

Staff suspected she might have an ear infection but when vet Gaynor Lofthouse examined her ear, she found a grass seed in there instead.

The seed was carefully removed and Edie was given an injection for the pain and swelling.

Gaynor said: “With grass seeds in abundance in fields and meadows at this time of year, we have started to see a lot of cases.

“The seed can imbed itself and cause a lot of pain and could lead to infection, so owners need to be vigilant.

“They can become lodged in dogs’ feet, ears and eyes, and the arrow shaped grains have sharp barbs which can get caught in the fur and then burrow through the skin and into deeper body tissue.

“We recommend checking the fur around the feet and ears after a walk and keeping the feathery fur between their toes trimmed to help avoid seeds becoming snagged.

“If your pet seems uncomfortable in any way after a walk, we recommend contacting your vet to rule out any issues such as grass seeds, before they have the chance to cause any serious problems.”