The Queen congratulates Wartime Batley and Dewsbury heroine who hits 100 years old

A former wartime Batley mill worker celebrated her centenary this weekend and received congratulations from the Queen.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:36 pm
Irene Rennie White hit 100 years old on Saturday
Irene Rennie White hit 100 years old on Saturday

Irene ‘Rennie’ White hit 100 years old on Saturday, at Dewsbury’s Manorcroft Care Home, in Old Bank Road.

A party was held for the World War II heronie’s honour at the care home on Sunday, surrounded by her friends and family.

Mrs White said: “I remember being at Cross Bank Sunday School to see a group of scared wartime evacuees.

Irene 'Rennie' White, 100

“There was a brother and sister, about nine years old, and my mother took the girl and my aunt the boy.”

Born on January 27 1920, Ms White was the eldest daughter of Percy and Alice Mortimer of Cross Bank, in Batley.

Went to Carlinghow School, left at age 14 and worked in various local Mills for many years.

She married Stanley White on 23 December 1939 at St John's Church, Carlinghow, in Batley.

Wartime heroine hits 100 years old has received congrats from the Queen

Her husband Mr White, who sadly died in 1981, enlisted and served seven years in the Fleet Air Arm.

He was a skilled mechanic and serviced airplanes on the aircraft carriers.

Mrs White remembers that he was stationed in the United States for a while and when he came home from leave it was like Christmas because she received perfume, sweets and tins of food not available in Britain.