Golden wedding of Molly and David Bensonat Hartshead Manor. (d605a409)
Golden wedding of Molly and David Bensonat Hartshead Manor. (d605a409)

A couple are celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary – after 50 years of marriage!

Molly and David Benson, both 78, got married on February 29, 1964, a leap year – meaning they have only celebrated on their anniversary 12 times!

Molly was born in Quaker Lane, Liversedge, and David was born in Halifax Road.

They both went to Fox’s School of Commerce, but met at a football match in Liversedge.

They were married at Hightown Methodist Church and went on honeymoon on a cattle ferry to the Scottish islands. Molly woke up to a cow looking through her bedroom window!

Their first house was in St Barnabas Road, Hightown, and Molly worked as a legal secretary and later at Burnley’s Mill.

David was a tool maker at Rigby’s, and also worked as an engineer and fixed machines at Burnley’s Mill.

They adopted sons John in 1966 and Martin in 1968. They have three grandchildren, Brogan, Abigail and Lucy, and one great grandson, Donte, two.

Martin said: “Dad bred champion rabbits all his life and judged at the Great Yorkshire Show.

“He has been all over the country showing rabbits and winning prizes. If he was entering a competition it would put other people off!

“Mum made Christmas hats for primary school out of old wallpaper books.

“We used to go on holiday, all over England then further afield and once we left home they travelled the world.”

Paul said: “Mum said they only place left was the Grand Canyon which she wanted to do for their golden wedding, but mum suffered a stroke.”

Molly now lives at Hartshead Manor care home, where David visited her every day until he suffered a serious neck injury. He now lives with John and visits Molly three times a week.

Martin said: “Dad would say the key to a happy marriage is doing what Molly said! She was very strong.

“They have done everything together.” David thanked care home staff, assistant Alison for organising the party and entertainer Colin.