100-homes plan comes under fire

PLANS to build 100 new homes to replace woodland in Wyke have been slammed by locals.

Bradford City Council plans to develop the woodland, between Shirley Manor and Huddersfield Road, into a new housing development with 100 homes. The plans would require the removal of large numbers of trees that cover the 11-acre site.

The area has been a target for fly tippers in recent years, especially since the closure of the Beechwood Nursing home a few years ago.

The council’s own arboriculturist Eric Waterworth slammed the plans.

“The development results in unacceptable tree loss and extends excessively into a wooded area which, if approved, in essence the area of trees would be lost,” he said.

Planning documents show that the Shirley Manor woods contain over 450 trees, some of which are mature and the subject of tree protection orders.

Wyke councillor Sarah Ferriby has defended the development.

She said: “The area needs housing because of the shortage in the district. The wooded area has previously been developed for the nursing home and the plan would bring back the wooded area into use. At the moment, it’s in an unacceptable state and there are problems with dumping and fly tipping.”

Peter Walker, who is a member of the Low Moor-based Friends of Judy Wood group, said he hoped the council would consider the objections properly.

He said: “The site itself does need tidying it because it’s an eyesore, be we are not very happy with the decision about the trees. I think the council is aware of the tree preservation orders in place and will take them into account when making the decision.

The council’s plan will go to a public consultation later this year, before it is considered by planning officers.