11 Christmas presents to suit (mostly) everyone

We may all be getting excited about Santa Claus arriving, but there are lots of important things to do before Christmas Day.

Saturday, 12th December 2015, 12:04 pm
What presents have you been buying this year?

And the first thing many people do is hit the shops for presents.

You know who you need to buy for, you’ve got a vague idea of what you’re looking for and you’re armed with your shopping bags and ready to take on the masses.

But we all have that friend, relative or colleague who you love dearly - really, you do - but they’re just so difficult to choose presents for.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of presents to suit the majority of tastes (we’ve really tried our best) and to take at least some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping trip.

Chocolate, sweets or a food treat: Christmas is a time for over indulgence, no matter how much we try to be good. So if you’re looking for just a little something for someone, why not head to the festive food section of your favourite shop? Whether they’re a chocoholic, a preserve connoisseur or a lover of fruit sweets, there will be a Christmas gift for that.

Shower gel, bubble bath or soap: When Christmas rolls around, some people will find themselves inundated with sets and stocking fillers of “smellies”. But the beauty of this is that they will always be needed eventually. Opening 20 bottles of bubble bath on Christmas Day may seem like a lot, but when you don’t have to add it to your shopping list for another year, you’ll be pleased to have had that gift.

Socks: We know, it may seem like a boring idea but never underestimate the power of a new pair of socks. Again, it may not seem like the most exciting present to open on Christmas morning but there is little better than the feeling of a new pair of socks (especially after spending months hanging on to the holey ones).

A diary or calendar: You may be organised, but are you calendar organised? , Having a trusty diary or calendar by your side will take you to the next level - and it’s a bonus for that unorganised friend too. Get them sorted and they’ll never be late again!

A photo frame: Another Christmas fail safe. Pick something simple and understated for someone you don’t know well - or pop a picture inside to give this gift an extra personal touch.

A bottle of tipple (non-alcoholic alternatives also welcomed): As well as a time for filling your boots with food, it’s time to raise a toast to your family, friends and the season. A bottle of someone’s favourite beverage always goes down a treat - and with all of the Christmas food markets and stalls, there is plenty of opportunity to find a delicious non-alcoholic drink too.

Vouchers: Does your gift recipient like niche music? Do they love trips to the races? Or are they a fan of films? Whatever their interest, you can guarantee there’s a voucher for that. Give them the gift of choice this Christmas.

A Christmas jumper: Love them or loathe them, the festive season will bring some occasion where a Christmas jumper is required. Whether you’ll wear it for your December 25 lunch, or don it for the office party - it’s a seasonal tradition. And don’t forget Christmas Jumper Day, for Save the Children, on December 18.

Something personalised: Sticking someone’s name on something always gives it a nice touch. Whether it’s a Christmas bauble, a named necklace or a brand new wine glass you will find something which fits the bill.

Pyjamas or other comfortable clothes: It’s practically a rule of Christmas Eve that you need to have fresh pyjamas (or at least some jogging bottoms) to wear while you listen for Santa Claus to arrive. Get them some new comfies!

Your company: Okay, we know this one is cheating a bit but if you’re really not sure what to buy, why not just spend some time with your loved one this Christmas? Enjoy an evening meal together, have a mulled wine down the local pub or have an evening on the sofa watching Christmas films. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.