A decent place to live

It’s had its problems in the past, like many estates, but on the whole it is a nice place to live.

That’s the verdict of people who live in Dale Lane Estate.

The housing estate was built on farmland during the 1950s.

Hundreds of homes were built to be rented out by Heckmondwike council.

But nowadays a lot of the houses are privately owned.

Jen Haley said she had moved into her home in Bevor Crescent as a four-year-old girl when the houses were first built 62 years ago – and has stayed ever since.

She said the estate was generally tidy but Kirklees Council could do more to keep the streets free of litter.

She said: “There are about five people who have lived here as long as me.

“I’m happy living here. You can walk around and not be frightened.

“I saw a fox in the garden the other day – it was beautiful. Our neighbours have seen them walking round the estate.”

Christina Sibindi, of Rayner Avenue, said she had moved to the estate after being allocated a house there by Kirklees Council.

She said: “I have lived here just a few months. I like living here. I hadn’t heard of the estate before. It’s quiet and there are no problems, and the neighbours are friendly.”

Michaela Wright, who lives in Dale Lane with her partner and five children, said: “I’ve lived here 12 years. It’s a quiet estate; it’s a nice place. The children play outside with others from the estate.

“We have bought our house and I’m quite happy here.”

On Facebook, Richard Harvey Burke said: “I spent half my life living there and I always remember my time on there with great affection. It was a good place to grow up, good people and a lovely small estate.”

And Rebecca Louise Prendergast said: “There are some good points, some bad! About two weeks after we moved in someone was stabbed! But on the other side of the coin it’s also a very close knit community. Everyone knows each other and speaks, and everyone in the area helps each other. On the whole it’s a decent place to live.”