Action in Libya is too high a price to pay, says MP

PAYBACK: MP Mike Wood will repay and "overpayment" of his utility bills.
PAYBACK: MP Mike Wood will repay and "overpayment" of his utility bills.

SPEN MP Mike Wood has condemned the coalition government’s decision to take part in allied action against Libya.

Mr Wood was one of 13 MPs to vote against the government in Monday’s debate, with 557 supporting the move to implememt a no-fly zone over the country.

“The venture is completely open ended with no certainty that Gaddafi will be driven from office or even comply with the no fly zone,” he said.

“If he doesn’t we will have a stalemate lasting years and the prospect of a partitioned Libya costing us £10m-£15m a day to enforce. This at a time when we are telling hundreds of thousands of public sector workers we can’t afford to employ them or pay their pensions and cutting the benefits of the sick and disabled.

“If this is about regime change we have no certainty that what will replace Gaddafi will be any more acceptable to the west or to the Libyan people. The longer this goes on the greater the likelihood of troops on the ground. We then face a situation where the lives of hundreds of British service men and women are at risk — a high price to pay to establish David Cameron as a world leader.”