Alarm prevents serious fire

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A family avoided a serious fire thanks to their carbon monoxide alarm.

They called the fire service at about 8am today after their alarm went off, along with a burning smell.

When firefighters investgated they found an electric fault had set fire to the gas meter in the cellar of the house in Prospect Street, Cleckheaton,, with a jet of burning gas spurting from it.

And after making it safe and doing checks in the street, they found a meter in another house in the street was about to suffer the same fault.

Watch commander Dave Rawnsley from Cleckheaton fire station said: “The residents were unsure why the alarm had gone off and could also smell something so they called us as a precaution.

“A leaking gas pipe had caught fire and there was a burning jet of gas from the gas meter.

“We put the fire out by cutting off the gas. It was caused by an electric fault where a live wire was in contact with the gas pipe. Electricity had arced through and blasted a hole in the gas pipe, and the electric short circuited.

“When we spoke to neighbours we found a man was about to have the same in his house.

“The alarm detected escaping gas which had come from the cellar to the kitchen. It alerted the residents who were extremely vigilant. It could have been an extremely serious fire but very little damage has been caused.

“You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide but it can kill you and cause explosions. We can’t stress enough the importance of alarms.”