All-out attack on the most vulnerable

The bedroom tax and moves to make the unemployed pay council tax are two of the most despicable pieces of Tory policy yet. Not content with destroying jobs and cutting wages under the excuse of austerity the government is now launching a wholesale attack on the poorest sections of our community. 
Contrary to sensationalist accounts, benefits for the majority are a pittance and now people are to have their paltry benfits cut to pay for the crisis and this from a government of millionaires who have spare bedrooms and mansions a plenty.

Where is the justice when the poorest in society are being penalised for having a spare bedroom when MPs are provided with two or more homes at taxpayers’ expense?

Doubtless some of the more mean-minded in society may say “well I have to pay council tax, why shouldn’t the unemployed”?

I would challange such people to review their bills in 12 months’ time and they will still be paying more for fewer services, despite the unemployed also paying.

The £120 billion in tax.

Corporate tax evasion by the rich puts the benefits bill in perspective and can be contrasted to the £3.85 billion saved in benefit cuts. One is the rich paying their way, the other is an attack on the poor.

Never before has a government been so motivated by class hatred and ideology and yet, over decades, with their persistant drive for short-term profit leading to the destruction of industry and the loss of jobs, it is they who have created the ‘benefits culture’.

Ian Brooke