Anger as cat is shot twice

Jodie Lee's cat Spartacus has been shop in the head, the second time in a few months. (d06061202)
Jodie Lee's cat Spartacus has been shop in the head, the second time in a few months. (d06061202)

A CAT has been shot in the head by thugs for the second time in six months.

Vets removed a pellet from Jodie Lee’s pet, Spartacus, and say he was lucky not to have lost his eye.

Last November Spartacus received similar injuries after being shot, but the vet was unable to retrieve that pellet which is still lodged inside his head.

Jodie, of Prospect Terrace, Cleckheaton, said: “He came in from outside, and instantly I knew something was wrong.

“He was distressed and walking all wobbly like he was drunk. I thought a dog might have got him.

“I took him to the vet who x-rayed him and said could see a pellet. It was like deja vu because it’s only a few months since it happened the last time.

“Thankfully this time they’ve been able to remove it, but he now has a hole at the top of his head. Fortunately it didn’t go into his brain, but I’m really worried it might have affected his sight as he has to turn his head to focus.

“I’m so angry with whoever has done this. Spartacus is so loveable. It was bad enough that it happened once, but for it to happen twice is disgusting. I’ve also spoken to neighbours and it seems there have been five incidents of cats being shot round here in the last 12 months.

“One of them was so badly injured it lost its tail.

“I’m now frightened to let Spartacus out, but I can’t keep him in all the time.”

Spartacus is now making a good recovery but Jodie is appealing for anyone with information to contact police.

“He’s eating again and playing as he did before, but I can’t help worrying it might happen again,” she added.

“It’s disgusting. The people who are doing this might not like animals, but why shoot them?” she said.

“I want them caught and prosecuted for the suffering they have caused to Spartacus, and also for the stress and worry it has caused me.

“I’d also like to warn people to look out for anything suspicious because the next time it could be a child.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 01924 206357.