Anger at driver’s actions

A BUS driver ordered passengers off his bus because bad traffic meant he would not finish his shift on time, it has been claimed.

Janine Hawksworth, 39, takes the Arriva 268 bus from Liversedge to Bradford and back every day for work. However on January 12 she was among a group of passengers who were left ‘stranded’ at Odsal Top.

Mrs Hawksworth, along with other passengers, initially had to chase the bus down after it failed to stop to pick them up in Bradford.

Within minutes of the passengers boarding, the driver told them he was terminating the service and returning to the Heckmondwike depot. After being told to get off the bus, Mrs Hawksworth had to walk a quarter-of-a-mile before her husband, Adrian, could pick her up from Wyke.

Mr Hawksworth said: “When my wife rang me, I set off straight away to pick her up. As I was driving through Wyke, I saw the bus driving past me.

“The lights were off, there was no-one on there, but it didn’t say ‘not in service’.

“When I picked my wife up, she was fuming.”

Mr Hawksworth believes that a bad crash at Chain Bar prompted the bus driver to fret about whether he would finish his shift and return to the depot in time.

However the couple feel ‘disgusted’ by the driver’s behaviour and have lodged a formal complaint with Arriva.

“How can a driver say it’s the end of his shift and then boot everyone off?” Mr Hawksworth said.

“He had the audacity not to stop at the bus stop in the first place, but then to turn around and say he was terminating in Odsal is something else.

“It’s the way that my wife has been treated that has made me angry.

“They cannot dump everyone off a bus in the middle of nowhere. What if something bad had happened to her?”

Nigel Featham, managing director for Arriva Yorkshire, said: “At Arriva Yorkshire we strive to provide the best possible service for our passengers.

“We were disappointed to learn of Mrs Hawksworth’s experience and we would like to assure her that we are looking into the matter.

“We can confirm that on the evening of January 12 there was a road traffic accident in the local area and a diversion had been put in place due to the congestion.

“We would of course, expect our drivers to deal with such situations in a professional manner.

“We are currently viewing the CCTV footage and we will contact Mrs Hawksworth directly with our findings.”