Are you a ringer for a royal?

LOOK AGAIN: Mary Reynolds as the Queen.
LOOK AGAIN: Mary Reynolds as the Queen.

ARE you a copy of Camilla or could you pass for a prince?

This year we’ll be right royally celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we’ll be asking you to get involved.

We want to hear from any readers who reckon they look like a royal.

Lookalikes who contact us will be featured in the paper and on our website and we’ll ask readers to vote for their favourite.

Our competition is just for fun, but being a professional lookalike is big business.

It’s not only the real Royals who are booked up for events during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, doppelgängers also have busy diaries.

Appearances at corporate events, openings, ship launches, TV work and body doubling can earn lookalikes up to £800 per booking.

Francesca MacDuff-Varley owns A-list Lookalikes and Entertainment Limited in Morley, which is the only agency of its kind in the north of England.

Her company represents current and historical Royal lookalikes form Henry VIII to Prince Charles.

She said: “The Queen is a classic – she’s always popular. She’s busy already with the Jubilee.

“We get a lot of international bookings for her as well. They love her abroad.

“Charles and Camilla will book up with the Jubilee year.

“Last year we were inundated with requests for Kate and William lookalikes with the Royal wedding.”

The agency, which is based in Crank Mills in Station Road, represents celebrity lookalikes from across the country and always has people contacting it for work.

Miss MacDuff-Varley said people can send their pictures to the agency if they want to be considered for lookalike work and staff make an instant decision.

Some lookalikes are so convincing that they have been mobbed – a Beyoncé lookalike was once whisked into a VIP room at a concert by fans who thought she was the real deal and a David Beckham copy had to be escorted from an airport to avoid devotees.

“It’s as close to a celebrity lifestyle you’ll ever get without being a celebrity, but it’s not a guaranteed good income,” said Miss MacDuff Varley.

l If you’re a bit like Beatrice or comparable to Charles, email with a picture and your daytime contact details, or send us a message on Facebook (find us under Morley Observer & Advertiser or Twitter at @MorleyOb.