Are your old haunts actually haunted?

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THERE are plenty of ghostly goings-on round these parts – and a new team of investigators are rooting them out.

Ghost Chasers UK has been set up by Jennifer Walker from Dewsbury, and her friend Daniel Swindles from Huddersfield.

Along with their team they travel around the UK searching for ghouls and spirits for entertainment with members of the public, and to banish spooks for terrified home owners.

Jennifer said: “I have always had an interest since I was little. My mum and dad used to tell me ghost stories and I watched ghost investigations on television, and I always thought I would love to do something like that. I did it for my hen night and I was addicted – I knew I wanted to set up my own team.

“We do private investigations and house clearances, and if anybody has a problem we can sort that out with a medium.

“I have seen shadows and things like that but nothing I could say was definitely a ghost. We went to a war camp and someone growled in my ear and another person heard it as well.

“We make audio recordings and on one we heard someone saying ‘get out’.”

Ghost enthusiasts can go along on the team’s next investigation at Heath Cottage Hotel in Dewsbury and see if they can glimpse a ghost.

Jennifer said the evening would start with a lit tour of the building before it is plunged into darkness and the group splits up into smaller teams, who will investigate different parts of the building and take audio recordings and photographs.

The group performs a ‘human pendulum’ where they stand in a circle with one member in the middle, and ask any nearby spirits to push them.

At the end of the night everyone comes back together to compare notes.

The Heath Cottage hunt takes place on Saturday March 24 from 9pm to 3am. Places are £25 each and can be booked at