Around the world - to Cleckheaton

Ben and Amy Pinfield at J26 beds in Cleckheaton, pictured with Colin and Ann Pinfield. (d605a234)
Ben and Amy Pinfield at J26 beds in Cleckheaton, pictured with Colin and Ann Pinfield. (d605a234)

A PROMINENT husband and wife business team from Cleckheaton are handing over the reins of their shop after more than 25 years.

Colin and Ann Pinfield, who own Junction 26 Beds in Bradford Road, are handing over the business to Colin’s son Ben and his wife Amy.

The couple have worked tirelessly for the business, which has been in Cleckheaton for nearly a decade, and Ann said she would have to get used to having her weekends free.

Ann said: “We are always very busy – I have been asking people what they do with their time to give me some ideas!”

Ann will continue as treasurer for the Spenborough Chamber of Trade, and help out in the shop when needed, while Colin plans to remain the keen handyman he has always been.

The shop was originally in Bingley, but the couple jumped at the chance to move the business to their home town nine years ago.

Ann said: “It seemed it was meant to be and I am just so grateful the Cleckheaton public have taken to us – we feel like we are part of the community.”

While saying goodbye to Ann and Colin, the Cleckheaton business community welcomes back their son – who spent the first 11 years of his life in the town – to run the business.

Ben and Amy, who is Australian, have just returned from a six-month world tour, but are looking forward to their new venture when they take over on September 1. They are currently learning the ropes and are pleased with the reception they have received from customers so far.

Ben said: “We have already got involved with the Chamber of Trade.People in Cleckheaton seem to be a lot friendlier than in London – the fish and chips are also nicer!”