Audience cheers four decades of Frank-N-Furter

TIME WARP The Rocky Horror Show is 40 years old.
TIME WARP The Rocky Horror Show is 40 years old.

The Rocky Horror Show is 40 years old – and audiences are still flocking to this cult classic.

Dressed to impress and in a party mood, fans filled the Alhmambra dressed as their favourite characters, with feather boas and glitter in abundance.

And it’s the audience that makes the show so much fun – dancing along to the Time Warp, waving glowsticks and ad-libbing lines (resulting in a wry smile from one or two of the cast!).

Oliver Thornton’s Frank-N-Furter was outrageous and hilarious in equal measure, striding around the stage in stockings and heels and stealing the show.

His rendition of Sweet Transvestite had the audience on their feet, singing along, while the self-proclaimed transsexual from Transylvania strutted across the stage and even managed the splits.

Ben Forster’s Brad was fantastically dorky and awkward, and at times even more feminine than his beloved Janet.

And Dani Harmer took a firm step to the right from her Tracy Beaker days with some impressive vocals.

Her portrayal of innocent Janet soon descended into debauchery with style and sass.

The Narrator, played by Philip Franks, had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand, expertly dealing with the heckles and ad-libs the theatre show is famous for.

A joke about Will Young’s upcoming turn in Cabaret at the Alhambra even had Dani Harmer giggling.

Forty years on from its London debut, some of the music in Rocky Horror does seem a bit dated – and I’m sure the sci-fi references are lost on a lot of the younger fans.

But you can’t help getting caught up in the madness of it all.

This was the first time I’d seen the stage show (everyone’s seen the film, surely?) and it was certainly an experience.

There’s a real community feeling among Rocky Horror fans, which makes for a brilliant atmosphere.

They know every line of dialogue, every word to every song, and can Time Wap better than Riff-Raff himself.

Richard O’Brien’s cult creation doesn’t make a great deal of sense, and when the curtain falls after a final rendition of the Time Warp, you’re still not sure what’s just happened.

But that’s half the fun, and when the music is so catchy, and the dialogue so laden with innuendo, you’re happy to go with the flow.

The Rocky Horror Show is at the the Alhambra until Saturday.