Baby Snowball makes a dramatic entrance

DRAMA: Baby Sebastian.
DRAMA: Baby Sebastian.

Snuggled in his mother’s arms, little Sebastian Cross is blissfully unaware of his

dramatic birth.

The tiny baby was born four weeks early as his mum Liz Hooley and dad Tim Cross were battling their way to Dewsbury and District hospital from Liversedge through last Friday’s snowstorm.

Their car became stuck outside the Red Lion pub, where customers answered Tim’s plea for help – and pushed the skidding car up the hill.

They got as far as Heckmondwike Grammar School before Sebastian was born.

But Liz, also mum to Tyler, three, needed vital treatment – so the heroic customers pushed the car all the way to hospital.

She said: “Cars and a big lorry were sliding all over. There were people around so Tim shouted for help. We got to the school and Sebastian was out!”

Tim pulled over a taxi driver and asked him to phone an ambulance – and his passengers, young people on a night out, got out in excitement.

Liz said: “They were fab – one was on the phone to the emergency services. They were clapping, smiling and taking pictures. It was surreal!”

A paramedic arrived and led them to hospital, with the Red Lion customers still pushing their car.

Liz said: “Every time I looked there was somebody different pushing. They made all the difference because they didn’t know how vital it was to get to hospital quickly. We can’t thank them enough.

“When we arrived it was such a relief. Sebastian had a very low temperature and breathing difficulties and was taken to the neonatal ward for urgent treatment where the team nicknamed him Baby Snowball. Being so close to the hospital was vital to our safety. It was imperative we received immediate treatment.

“Tim and I are thrilled to meet our new baby and are beyond proud of Tyler and Sebby.”