Back to Bach is music to bus passengers’s ears

Cleckheaton bus station where classical music is being played
Cleckheaton bus station where classical music is being played

Music is in the air at Cleckheaton Bus Station.

But this isn’t just the musical ringtones from commuters’ mobile phones – passengers waiting in the terminal are now being treated to the likes of Bach and Mendelssohn from the station’s speaker system.

Transport authority Metro began playing classical music into Leeds and Bradford bus stations last year to create a more harmonious atmosphere, and have now rolled the scheme out to Cleckheaton.

A Metro spokesman said: “Feedback has been very positive, with passengers commenting on the soothing atmosphere. Our surveys have also shown that the initiative has deterred people from gathering at the station entrance.”

Coun Kath Pinnock was cautious about the idea, but welcomed the efforts from Metro.

“I think it depends on what sort of classical music you play,” she said. “If it is the sort that can make people feel less stressed then I would welcome it!

“All-in-all I think this shows that Cleckheaton is at the forefront of new ideas!”

Passengers at the station also echoed the praise for the scheme.

Jack Fitzpatrick, of Wolf Road, said: “I like it – it’s much better than all the banging music we hear – it might even cause people to act in a more relaxed way.

“They play nice music in Huddersfield bus station too – and I like the music there. I think it’s a very good idea.”

Janet Dyson, of Ashbourne Drive, said: “I am new to travelling by bus, but I will be travelling by bus a lot in the coming weeks, and I think it is nice as it makes the station a calmer place.”

But not everyone agreed that classical music was a good thing for the station.

But our facebook followers were less than impressed.

Chris Bridgeman said: “What will classical music in a bus station achieve? The people there are either of a younger generation and listen to other types of music or don’t stay in the station long enough to appreciate it.”

Melanie Mulvey added: “It makes me want to go to sleep – its awful.”

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