Batley dancer Paris gets ballet school praise

TINY DANCER: Paris Zoref. (d115a227)
TINY DANCER: Paris Zoref. (d115a227)

PARIS Zoref is 10 years old, and already has her sights set on the stage performing in one of the most iconic ballets there is – Swan Lake.

And her dreams are just a few pirouettes away from reality now she’s been signed up for a second year with the Royal Ballet School.

Paris was put forward for auditions at the school by teachers at her dance school, Stuart Stage School in Heckmondwike, last year.

And this year the Royal Ballet School, which is based in London but has an associate group in Leeds, has decided to renew her studies for another 12 months.

At the Royal Ballet School, Paris is put through an intense two-and-a-half hours of stretches and exercises every week to help her dancing career.

Her mum Sonia said: “Paris has had some excellent feedback from the teacher at the Royal Ballet School. She’s worked really hard and we’re really proud of her.”

Paris has dreams of performing the lead in her favourite ballet, Swan Lake.

After that, she wants to be a dance teacher.

She said: “Ballet is my favourite form of dance.It’s exciting to have been taken on for another year.”

If Paris, who has been dancing since she was three, is taken on for a further year she will be given the opportunity to join the ballet school’s London boarding school for four years.