Bin collection misery comes to an end at last

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A DISABLED pensioner had to wait for more than a month for her household waste to be picked up by Kirklees Council bin collectors.

Joan Speight, 75, of Greenton Avenue, Scholes, relies on binmen to help her get her regular household waste from her back garden to the collection wagon.

When last month’s bad weather affected collections across the district, she had to watch as neighbours disposed of their waste at a tip in Dewsbury.

At the start of the week, Mrs Speight had six extra bags that simply would not fit into the bin – Kirklees Council’s policy is not to collect rubbish that doesn’t fit into the wheeled bins.

“Some neighbours were able to take their rubbish to the dump, but I couldn’t do it,” she said.

“I felt forgotten. I’m disabled and I look after my mum, who is over 100 years old, so I rely on the binmen to collect the bin from my house.”

On Wednesday, the council was able to empty Mrs Speight’s bins, to her great relief.

A council spokeswoman said: “People who are infirm, or have a medical condition or disability, restricting their ability to wheel out the bin qualify for assistance with refuse collection.

“The bins at Greenton Avenue in Scholes were collected this week as scheduled.”