Bobtown folk sing out loud!

SING IT Kristy Hepworth, front, with the Roberttown Pop Choir. (D532A401)
SING IT Kristy Hepworth, front, with the Roberttown Pop Choir. (D532A401)

A poptastic new group is hitting the right note in Roberttown.

A group of friends have started a pop choir which had its first meeting last week.

More than 50 people turned up to the first practice, which organiser Kristy Hepworth said was fantastic.

She said: “My stepdaughter Alicia used to sing in Barnsley Youth Choir. We moved to Mirfield and she wanted to carry on I couldn’t take her to Barnsley so we thought we would start a choir here.

“One of her friends knew of two people who wanted to set one up; Louise Bentley from Roberttown, and Ruth Wade, the village greengrocer.

“Ruth and Louise go to coffee evenings at the church and said the church was really keen on having us practice there. The acoustics are really good.

“We were expecting about 15 people but we got about 50. It was packed; I couldn’t believe so many turned up. We put posters round the village and advertised it on Facebook.”

Kristy said the group sang Make You Feel My Love, by Bob Dylan, which was covered by Adele, and would be working on Beatles songs, with a view to performing in public in the future.

She said: “They were really good. There were all age groups, the youngest was 10 and there were some people of retirement age. It was a good mix. I love singing, especially when you get a nice sound. It makes you feel good. It makes the hairs on your arms stand up when it’s right.”

Practices are from 7.30pm-9pm on Tuesdays at All Saints Church, Church Road, Roberttown.