‘Bradford Batman’ unmasked!

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Holy spring-roll, Batman! The caped crusader who handed over his friend to police officers in Bradford has revealed his identity as Wyke takeaway delivery driver Stan Worby.

Mr Worby, recently dubbed the ‘Bradford Batman’ has been subject to an international media scrum to reveal his identity since pictures emerged of him yesterday handing in a criminal to Trafalgar House police station in Bradford.

Keen to dispel the rumours of a rogue vigilante operating in the city, ‘Bratman’ yesterday unmasked himself to the world as a 39-year-old Bradford City fan from Wyke, who was on his way back from watching his beloved Bantams play Swansea in the League Cup final still wearing fancy dress.

He was handing over his friend Daniel Frayne, 27, of Queen Street, Buttershaw, who had been wanted in connection with a number of offences. He was later charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences and will appear before magistrates on Friday.

Mr Worby told the Daily Telegraph: “It was a joke at the end of the day, and Danny wanted to go to the police station.

“I had spoken to Danny during the week and tried to knock some sense into him.

“It was getting on my nerves having police round all the time asking for him or his whereabouts.

Mr Worby had donned the outfit for the match and decided not to get changed.

He told ITV’s Daybreak: “Obviously it was done as a joke. He (Mr Frayne) wanted to get straight down. Obviously I wanted my bed. It was half-one in the morning.

“At the end of the day it was a practical joke, just between me and Daniel.”

He said he was annoyed that his paunch looked big when he saw pictures of him in the Batman suit.

Mr Worby, who is from the Wyke area of Bradford, said: “I’ve got my full tracksuit underneath. I’m not just wearing this [the costume] - it’s too thin.”