Brave locals form human shield against travellers

Cleckheaton residents abandoned their bank holiday barbecues and formed a human barricade to stop travellers invading their park.

A group of travellers attempted to break into West End Park in Cleckheaton yesterday at about 5.40pm, but were met with brave resistance from locals who formed a line to stop caravans getting in to the main entrance.

Head of the Friends of West End Park group Martin Webster said: “It was just a spur of the moment thing, we all heard that caravans were trying to get into the park, and we immediately went down to protect the entrance.

“We got a lot of support, as there were only six of us stood in front of the main gate originally, but passing motorists joined in too, as they could see what we were doing – eventually there were about 20 of us shielding the entrance.”

The police were then called out and moved the travellers on.

“We feel very pleased that we managed to protect our park,” added Martin. “What struck me was how many people we had not met before joined us to help. This is a friendly park and we want to keep it that way.”

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