Bright ideas at centre

signing up at hecky brighton street centre
signing up at hecky brighton street centre

OLDER people in Heckmondwike are making the most of a chance to be healthy and active.

They are getting involved with events being run at the Brighton Street community centre, aimed at uniting different groups, promoting use of the centre and encouraging volunteering and healthy lifestyles.

So far, members of the Khoosh Women’s Group, Claremont House care home and other Brighton Street residents have taken part in sessions, which have included soup and smoothie-making, health quizzes, walks and a picnic. They have also made pledges to eat more healthily.

For example, Chris Adleigh made a pledge to “not have three biscuits at coffee mornings but bring some fruit”.

And local councillor Viv Kendrick pledged to buy a smoothie-maker to encourage her grand-daughter to eat more fruit.

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing community engagement officer Asma Raja said: “Activities like these are a fun and easy way for people to get involved with local groups.”

Ward councillor and deputy Cabinet leader David Sheard said: “Activities such these are an important way of encouraging people to take more interest in their communities and have their say in decisions which affect them.” Future activities at Brighton Street include a community safety session in November.

Details on how get involved from either Asma Raja on 01484 221723 or Carly Webster on 01484 416444.