Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model - Saffron’s blog - Week 6

TRICKY ACCESSORY: Saffron and Bo the pig on the catwalk.
TRICKY ACCESSORY: Saffron and Bo the pig on the catwalk.

“Week six of BINTM and we had an awkward accessories challenge.

“We arrived at the location and were told we had to randomly pick our accessories from boxes on the runway.

“As the girls were picking and things like ‘killer heels’ and ‘big bling’ were being read out I wasn’t too nervous. It was my turn to pick and as I looked into the box I saw the word ‘pig’.

“Everyone, including myself, found it hilarious. I didn’t find it funny for long.

“The pig was twice the size I was expecting and it smelt so bad!

“I made an attempt to get the pig up the stairs to the runway but it seems pigs don’t like climbing stairs. I learnt pigs don’t like much this week. Bo (the pig) refused to walk for me, she dug her heels in like the diva she really was.

“It was a really fun day though and I think I handled my awkward accessory pretty well.

“We got home and received our Elle Mail about the weeks photoshoot, we were going to be nude!

“I think the topless shoot prepared us a little bit but it was still a daunting thought. When it come to the shoot I was much more comfortable than I expected to be. I loved having Dannii on set she made me feel so much more relaxed.

“When it come to elimination I knew I was going to be in the bottom four.

“I wasn’t happy with my picture and clearly neither were the judges. They obviously see potential in me because they put me through another week after I struggled once again.

“I think Laura knew she was going but it was so emotional seeing her and Emily saying goodbye.”