Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model - Saffron’s blog - Week 7

FAIRYTALE SHOOT Saffron Williams as Little Red Riding Hood.
FAIRYTALE SHOOT Saffron Williams as Little Red Riding Hood.

“This week on BINTM our challenge was an advert for ‘Make Mine Milk’.

“We had to learn a script and walk down a ‘runway’ with a cow. I was so nervous about learning the lines! I wasn’t feeling my best that morning any way and then the smell of manure made it a million times worse.

“In the end I think I did quite well and the cow co-operated (way more than the pig did, anyway).

“I was so excited when we found out we were doing a fairy tale shoot. I was given the character of Little Red Riding Hood, I loved the styling and the set.

“It was so scary but such an amazing experience having Elle on set.

“I really enjoyed the shoot but tensions were high. We all had arguments this week because of personality clashes which is bound to happen when you put nine girls together in a house.

“Elimination was upsetting for me this week because both Holly and Naomi were in bottom four and they are both good friends of mine. They are both through to the next week though!

“It’s always sad to see girls leave, Emily’s goodbye was touching, it made us all very emotional.”