Burglar hits cake shop

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A burglar got away with just a handful of change after breaking into a shop through the ceiling.

The man broke into the Cake Maker’s Shop in Westgate, Heckmondwike, last Wednesday at about 6.20am.

Owner Jill Hartley said: “The woman in the flat next door heard it and phoned the police. He had climbed up the drainpipe and pulled it off the wall. We have three rooms upstairs and he came through the ceiling.”

She said the burglar made three holes in the ceiling trying to get in, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

She said: “There was thick rubble and black soot everywhere. You could see daylight through the ceiling. I was scared they were still here.

“He only got away with a handful of change.

“The police didn’t get any fingerprints but they got a shoe print.”

Jill said the burglar had been caught on CCTV, and the clip had been viewed

She said she had to close the shop for a day to clean up, losing a day’s takings.

She said: “It took hours to clean up but the staff have really mucked in. The landlord has been really good too.

“I am gutted, and it is upsetting thinking has something happened every morning when I come in.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.