Average water bill in Yorkshire will rise to £368 a year

Glass of water
Glass of water

The average water and sewerage bill in Yorkshire will rise by £12 a year.

From April 1, water bills in the region will rise by £1 per month – pushing the average bill up to £368.

But this is below the typical national water bill, which is rising to £388.

Richard Flint, Yorkshire Water’s chief executive, said: “We know that things are really tough out there, with a lot of people really feeling the pinch, which is why it’s so important that essential service providers like ourselves explain exactly why price increases are necessary and just what they will finance.

“A significant part of this rise is down to inflation, and the fact that the price of many of the products and services we use as a company has risen. The remainder of the increase will be used to fund our ongoing investment in the region – £376 million over the next 12 months.”