Baptist minister’s fond memories

SAYING GOODBYE Brian Goodall at Dewsbury Baptist Church. (d511a422)
SAYING GOODBYE Brian Goodall at Dewsbury Baptist Church. (d511a422)

A veteran Baptist minister has left his position after more than a decade of service.

The Rev Brian Goodall has retired from his role at Dewsbury Baptist Church where he served the congregation for 12 years.

It will be his last post as a minister after 44 years of service, preaching in Brussels, Plymouth, Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

But he said his work with the church was not over.

“Obviously I’ll still continue to be a friend to Dewsbury Baptist Church and I’ll still come around from time to time,” he said.

“In 12 years you invest a lot of yourself and with Dewsbury being a small town you get to know people very well.”

Mr Goodall, 67, said baptising adults was the part of his job he would remember the most fondly.

He said: “When we baptise adults they are making a personal declaration of their Christian faith.”

He was also proud of the work the church had done through Care Dewsbury to help homeless people and those with addictions.

He said: “I think we have helped people in many different ways”.

Mr Goodall’s father, Stanley Goodall, also served in the Baptist church. While Mr Goodall said it had a big effect on his life, he felt the path he had chosen was his own.

Mr Goodall led his final service at Dewsbury Baptist Church on June 2.