Bed company lands new two-year contract

Swift Groups' Nick Page and Duvalay's co-owner Liz Colleran.
Swift Groups' Nick Page and Duvalay's co-owner Liz Colleran.

A business made famous by an appearance on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den has been given a major boost.

Duvalay, based in Quarry Road, Gomersal, has agreed a new two-year deal to supply bedding for east Yorkshire-based Swift Group.

The company will continue to fit its Duvalite mattress in Swift’s fixed bed models, which will be a standard feature in the 2015 and 2016 caravan and motorhome ranges.

The Gomersal firm was made famous on TV show Dragon’s Den, when Hilary Devey chose to back the company for its Duvalite mattress made with what the company calls “lightweight memory fibre technology”.

Duvalay co-owner and marketing director Liz Colleran said: “We are thrilled that last year’s exclusive partnership with Swift proved to be so successful and delighted to have signed a further two-year contract.

“The response from Swift’s customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Not only do they love the comfort of our Duvalite products, they have reported that our lightweight mattresses make changing bed linen and accessing the space underneath their beds much easier.”

Swift Group’s commercial director Nick Page said he was excited that the partnership would continue.

“Our caravan designs and specifications are based on customer feedback, which we listen to and act upon wherever possible,” he said.

“Customers have responded positively to our partnership and we are delighted to be able to expand the range to offer greater choice.

“Our link with Duvalay allows us to offer our customers exclusive, refined features that help set our products further apart from the rest of the field.”