SLIDESHOW: Businesses, events and retailers praised at this year’s MyMirfield Awards

Winners from the awards celebrate. PICTURES BY BEN WALMSLEY
Winners from the awards celebrate. PICTURES BY BEN WALMSLEY

Organisers of this year’s MyMirfield Awards had to make some very tough decisions after they were overwhelmed by the massive number of entries.

Almost 20,000 votes were cast (10,000 of those were made in the first weekend) and most of the categories were very close with two of them decided by less than 10 votes.

During January alone, more than a thousand nominations were made by the public, praising a hundred-plus businesses, organisations, events and retailers.

Many of these nominations were accompanied by heartwarming stories.

A spokesman said: “Reading the nominations brought smiles to the organisers’ faces, which were quickly wiped when they realised what a difficult task lied ahead of them to reduce the recommendations down to the finalists that were featured on the night.”

After much consideration the winners were revealed as James Whitehead Plumbing and Heating Engineer (Business/Tradesman); The Airedale Heifer (Food and Drink); Roger’s Gent’s Hairdressing (Hair and Beauty); Haigh’s Farm Shop (Retailer); Moorlands Cricket Club (Sporting Organisation); Katie Philpott School of Dance (Activity Organisation); Mirfield Agricultural Show (Community Event); Mirfield & District Round Table (Community Organisation); Kryss Tominay, Donny Robertson and Mirfield Stags (Above and Beyond in the Community); Safe Anchor Trust (Lifetime Recognition).

As well as the winners, extra recognition was shown to The Whole Autism Family, Cafe Nosh and 868 Squadron who each had more nominations than anyone ever had received – and all full of amazing stories. All three retailers had so many votes each that in any other year they would have won in their own right.

The organisers were also surprised at the end of the evening when the tables were turned and Jenna Eastwood from the Mirfield Word presented Martin and Richard from MyMirfield with their own award for their contribution to the town.

Richard Hartley, one of the organisers, said: “It was another amazing night with so many worthy finalists and winners. Sutton School of Performing Arts kicked off the evening with sparkling performance and the night was wrapped up with laughs and fundraising in the auction. We are so grateful to all the sponsors, donators, nominators and voters. We were so humbled to receive recognition ourselves - but to be honest, what we do is only possible because all the great people and businesses we have in Mirfield.”

The MyMirfield Award winners are:

Business/Tradesman: James Whitehead Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Food and Drink: The Airedale Heifer

Hair and Beauty: Roger’s Gent’s Hairdressing

Retailer: Haigh’s Farm Shop

Sporting Organisation: Moorlands Cricket Club

Activity Organisation: Katie Philpott School of Dance

Community Event: Mirfield Agricultural Show

Community Organisation: Mirfield & District Round Table

Above and Beyond in the Community: Kryss Tominay, Donny Robertson and Mirfield Stags

Lifetime Recognition: Safe Anchor Trust