Butcher’s milestone is top of the chops!

CELEBRATION TIME: Raymond Buckle (d406a308)
CELEBRATION TIME: Raymond Buckle (d406a308)

A butcher is celebrating two special occasions as he marks his 80th birthday and his shop’s 50th anniversary.

Raymond Buckle, whose birthday was on Wednesday, opened Buckle’s Butchers in Roberttown Lane, Roberttown, in December 1962.

The shop is now owned and run by his sons, Chris and Andrew –but Raymond still works the odd shift there!

He said: “I have always been a butcher – I started as a Saturday boy at 13 at N J Hinchcliffe Limited in Lepton and went full time at 14.

“I did a seven year apprenticeship.”

In 1962 Raymond and his late wife Shirley bought his first shop, where the business still is today.

He said: “It was a shop already and it was the size of a garage; there was a fridge, cutting board, a window and a counter. It was very small.

“There were already four butchers’ shops and one travelling shop in Roberttown.

“The first Christmas I sold six turkeys, and now we sell about 200.

“People say we are famous for our pies. We used to wholesale –we don’t any more but people still come from all around. We used to send them to Scotland.

“On a Thursday afternoon we used to go to Mirfield post office and if you sent them before 4.30pm they would be in Scotland for 8am.

“We still sell about 3,000 a week.”

During his career Raymond was on the executive council of the National Federation of Meat Traders for 29 years.

In 1996 Raymond’s sons took over the shop and have ensured business is still booming.

He said they had both been coming into the shop from the age of six – and Chris started working there the same day he left school.

He said: “Roberttown is a good little village – I have really enjoyed working here.

“I am proud of what I’ve done and I have always enjoyed it.”